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Cancer (not me 😌) 

What an astonishingly beautiful and empowering and generous piece by Mark Steel. Goodness.

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It’s that time of year again: if you’re a National Trust member please read the AGM booklet and vote in the council elections so we don’t end up with people obsessed with the word “woke”, thanks folks

YouTube’s “no ad blockers here” bit is getting more intrusive. There’s now a delay before it can be dismissed.

This might actually push me to pay for Premium.

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Today I went to the ATM machine and entered my PIN number to get money for a DC comic book (I knew the ISBN number). The clerk scanned the UPC code and I paid the amount shown on the LCD display. On my drive home I listened to NPR radio where they talked about the value of opening an IRA account, and the latest scores from the MLB baseball playoffs.


Ban smoking because of the disease and death, but let's not allow councils to make the drivers slow down a little bit?

Just spent an hour arguing (good-naturedly) about what we need to do to handle dates, times and timezones in a new feature.

Kids, don’t grow up to write software.

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I’m increasingly convinced that all services and most jobs would be improved with more staff. Literally, just more people.

More people sitting around getting paid with nothing to do, until there is in fact something to do.

Pay people to staff all those windows at the post office and bank and then celebrate no lines. Pay people to bus the tables, and other people to seat the guests, and still more people to take the orders and run the food.

I’m so tired of seeing one person doing it all

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Concept: "Count Rugen gloves"—an obvious extra finger on one hand but not the other to make people think that real photos of you are actually AI

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YouTube really wants to radicalize you.

I just watch guitar, fitness and space science videos there. That's it - and I police my feed and watch history judiciously.

And it still suggests Jordan Peterson, Crypto Tech bros, Joe Rogan, white guys ranting in trucks about immigrants and communists, Koch funded professors, and weird white supremacy guys with caliper mindsets non-stop. I click "Do Not Recommend This Channel" twenty times a day but the stream keeps flowing.

I'm being a cheeky bugger at work today. Even more than normal.

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Is mowing down wee kids at 30mph and killing them (when you could have driven at 20mph and they'd survive) a true reflection of "British values"? 🤔

#Wales #RishiSunak #UKPol

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If you folks have never seen the original 1970 film "The Andromeda Strain" - you should go watch it.

Because this is basically the whole setup of the film.

As you can imagine, hilarity ensues. *blood curdling screams*

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UKPol, Met Police 

Am I the only person who remembers all the way back to last week when the Met had so many misconduct and incompetence investigations to work through it was going to take years? And now the members of this same organisation are throwing a strop over not being allowed to murder with impunity?

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Doctors can be arrogant. It’s not hard to understand why. Sometimes nuance can feel as it is backfiring. Often there simply is not enough time or resources to communicate clearly. In public health the dangers of over complicating advisories, recommendations & mandates with exceptions & conditions only multiplies.

The public simultaneously wants simple clear rules that don’t waffle or change, but the public will also punish those who make such rules for their lack of transparency and nuance. 1/

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Oh sure, of course NFTs aren't worth anything - but the AI is still real, right?


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"Three Bins for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to recycle,
One for the Tory Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Britain where the Gammons lie.
One Bin to recycle it all, One Bin to place them,
One Bin to sling them all and in the darkness burn them
In the Land of Britain where the Gammons lie."

-- The Bins of Power

Watching YouTubers with shelves of amps and pedals behind them, and racks of guitars. It all looks class, but I find myself wondering about keeping all that clear of dust—they’re not all getting played every day!

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What's fun is if something terrible happens and you point to what caused it, you're ruining someone's morning because the polite thing is to say "Oh, that's awful" and then change nothing, do nothing, forget it as soon as the words leave your lips.

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