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Me: I’ve bought a Roland 808 clone
Wife: What are you going to do with that?
Me: I’ll probably make some electro stuff, do some old school ravey beats
…a while later…
Wife: What’s that you’re doing, it sounds familiar?
Me: Nothing!
Wife: Is that…
Me: No
Wife: Is that…
Me: NO!
Wife: It’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston, isn’t it?
Me: Yes…

I think one of the nicest aspects of Mastodon is that people are less likely to dunk on you.

Eugen’s firm stance on no quoted toots takes away one of the most performative aspects of the birdsite, and I’m very thankful for that. But even the regular interactions feel like you’re speaking to an audience who just want to find out more about everybody they meet. It’s refreshing, to say the least.

Just waiting for Elon to fire the person who renews domain names so that I can snap up twitter dot com and use it for a Mastodon instance when it lapses.

The instance hasn’t exactly seen thousands of new users but that’s been a relief for me! It’s still great to see new tooters joining up and old tooters returning to use the instance again.

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- Woke up late
- Walked along the beach
- Saw some seals
- Had turkey and ham for dinner
- Watched Goosebumps 2
- Watched The Witches
- Watched Hocus Pocus 2
- Going to bed early

A great day

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@bigzaphod So we are. Therefore I just created a #Mastodon group called @wwdc. Let's all subscribe to this group and tag every #WWDC related toot with this handle. 😃

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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

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Out-Of-Office (European)
I’m away camping for the summer. Please email back in September.

Out-Of-Office (American)
I have left the office for two hours to undergo kidney surgery, but you can reach me on my cell any time.

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Favoured processor? #retrocomputing

It should be a legal requirement that there is free high-speed Internet access available anywhere that parents have to wait around for their kids to do activities. This thought has been brought to you courtesy of a shitty 3G connection at camogie practice.

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