I watched the new Napoleon film. Not a bad watch, not a great watch….. I think it’s been years since I saw a good film!

This day in 2000 - 24 years ago I started my first programming job… So that means that it is mine and @srushe 24th anniversary ❤️ 🎉 24 is white gold apparently so I have my hopes raised Steve!

A bit of a personal article this time - however sometimes it is good to share.. swm.cc/articles/burnout

As someone currently delving deep into caching solutions, a thought struck me: Do we always need a dedicated caching service? 🤔

Considering PostgreSQL..

1️⃣ One less service to maintain; cost-effective.
2️⃣ Familiar SQL interface for integration.

Of course, purpose-built solutions have merits, but sometimes using one tool for multiple jobs saves overhead and complexity.

What's your take? I think I will tinker and find out!!

I have been pretty busy lately and decided to write a few things about them. If you are interested. A book review, a blog article on how I am juggling several projects and a project that is in three parts. Phew - even writing this is bringing me out in a sweat 😀





I am rewatching Deadwood again. This time with my Mum. Great writing and performances. I have yet to see the film that ends the series though so am really looking forward to that.

I read a book lately on a recommendation from the great
- if you are interested I wrote my thoughts down on it. swm.cc/articles/will-it-make-t

I write another thing if you are interested and this time it links to something other than localhost :) swm.cc/articles/project-curren

I wrote another thing, if you are interested… http://localhost:3001/articles/project-current

Been busy doing other things lately - but I did write a new thing if you are interested.. swm.cc/articles/if_its_not_bad

Back has been on good terms with me for the last week… Feel human again. That was not a pleasant thing to go through! :)

I wrote a thing. A bit deeper than normal but hey ho, those the punches I guess. swm.cc/articles/losing-momentu

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