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If I’m reading their lips correctly, it looks like my neighbors are having an argument about the creepy guy next door.

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Hey folks, TootSDK is now public! 🚀

TootSDK is a Swift package for creating apps that interact with Mastodon, Pleroma and other Fediverse APIs.

It handles the data model and network calls, with lovely async/await based calls.

The SDK is still young. There are plenty of API calls still to add. The foundations are strong, and TootSDK is very useful already.

Contributions and PRs are more than welcome!

Check out the repo here: :mastodance: :apple:

#swift #iosdev #vapor #serversideswift #appkit #uikit #swiftui
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If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

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Here's my day one progress of what is currently called "Sirin" (likely to change).

A lot of people have been asking for "Chirp but for Mastodon" and I'm exploring it but promising nothing haha.

If anything it's a fun distraction, but it may be my next app, depends how busy I am.

I'm a long way off a beta, but I'll keep everyone posted.

#buildinpubilc #iosdev #swift

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“The thing we understand, which is proven in international research, is that providing housing for homeless persons is always more cost-effective for society than keeping people homeless…We did a study that showed when a former homeless person gets housing, even with support, the cost savings for society are at least €15,000/person per year.”

Canadian city learning from Finland.

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That colour is absolutely real. Felt like I was on another world. Actually got the shakes. It lasted four glorious minutes. Never seen anything close to that before. That's what you have a f1.2 85mm for. Nothing less sensitive would have caught that.

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Great things are happening in Michigan, with our new trifecta, and Governor Whitmer at the helm.

Dems are …

Repealing our extreme 1931 law banning abortions

Repealing outdated laws restricting who you can marry

Codifying LGBTQ rights

Passing the Elliott-Larson Civil Rights Act

Protecting election workers

Repealing right-to-work

Ensuring union wages in construction

Gov Whitmer also intends to provide preschool for all 4-year-olds, gun safety laws, tax cuts for seniors, & so much more!

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Updates about #GreatApe -- the Fediverse streaming audio / video service that I'm building with @reiver (and a team)!

1. We have successfully broadcast #GreatApe to 20 people distributed across North America. Some folks on the Fediverse were there to witness it!

2. We have wireframed a registration process for joining a #GreatApe instance

3. We have also wireframed a home feed and post UI/UX

4. We've developed an additional skin for #GreatApe video conferencing

/ Thread🧵

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This is important — closing Central #Madrid to cars over holidays resulted in a 9.5% boost in retail spending on its main shopping street: STUDY.

There was also a 71% drop in air pollution.

Via @carltonreid in Forbes. #citymakingmath #citiesforpeople #cities #cars #streets #urbanism #Spain

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So serious question...are any documents actually where they’re supposed to be???

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Here’s a challenging question — What’s a REALLY SMART PUBLIC POLICY DECISION OR PROGRAM you’ve seen a city make, that actually resulted in a more livable, equitable, healthy and/or sustainable city for people? Share enough details for everyone to understand your choice. Repost if you can, to spread the question to more folks. Thanks!

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Ice Cubes is available on the App Store, it’s a fast, customisable, easy to use client. It awesome features that will make you love the app!

- Pin any local timeline from any instance!
- Quote toot!
- Easily switch between your Home, Local, Federated, Trending timeline and even your lists and followed tags.
- Direct message interface.
- It's 100% free and Open source!

Feel free to boost so the whole Fediverse can know about it!

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What is your fav and/or recommended Authenticator App?

Looking for some data for a security article, please boost and vote, much appreciated!

#InfoSec #Tech #Identity

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girls only want one thing

and it's walkable mixed use medium-density urbanism

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@ctp @Drwave Having owned an EV for 4 years, I don’t think the idea of “the battery ages” outweighs the benefits of “things you simply don’t have to think about because it’s just not a problem at all” as a counterbalance. But it’s a journey for everyone.

I will staunchly say, once you go EV, you do *not* go back. I eagerly await more options for everyone (style, cost, price point, preferred manufacture, etc..).

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The worst thing about this place is you're just not allowed to be negative.

Which is great!

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I know a lot of you use @Vivaldi and would like to help us grow. Here are a few things you can do to help us grow. Thank you for your support!

1. Recommend @Vivaldi to your friends. Help them install and setup. Show them the features you think they would most like.
2. Follow @Vivaldi here and on other social networks you frequent.
3. Boost articles by @Vivaldi which have a broader appeal here and on other social networks.
4. Invite your friends to join Vivaldi Social.

Have a great weekend!

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