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I’m trying to get my old apartment rented out! (I have several months left on the lease that I’m on the hook for if my landlord can’t find someone else to rent it.)

It’s super spacious and in San Jose, on the border of Cupertino. The commute to any Cupertino-based Apple office is 🍰. It’s walking distance to a Safeway. Has AC and in-unit washer/dryer. Ready for move-in immediately.

Please DM me any questions, and here is my landlord's listing:

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How the economy works:

Republicans take office for 4-8 years, and absolutely destroys the economy.

Democrats take office for 4-8 years, does their best to fix tanked economy.

Republicans take office 4-8 years, and takes all the credit for the economy now being good. Republicans start destroying the economy again.

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Reddit’s CEO takes a victory lap. The moderator rebellion is crushed, there are no longer any third party apps competing with the official Reddit app and Reddit seems to be as popular as ever.

“It’s a nice time right now,” he says. “I think we’re executing really well.”

In 2024, the company plans to focus on three pillars.

1. Maximizing ad revenue

2. Charging AI companies for training on its data

3. Enabling users to make money from Reddit

The good guys lost 😞

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Maybe 90% of the plastic stuff I own would be at least as good if it were wood – maybe in a processed form like paper or cardboard – or even the cheapest possible metal. Tinplate and cast iron.

The last 10% (or whatever) is trickier to replace, but that’s a much smaller problem.

We’re getting the benefits of a society that uses plastic in a few key places, but the problems of a society that uses way too much plastic. Surely we can figure this out.

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This week Mike Levin and I introduced the Clean Electricity Transmission Acceleration Act (CETAA) to debottleneck clean energy deployment and fundamentally re-think US energy policy with 74 (!) original cosponsors. Here's why we're so excited about it. Thread:

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NextThere 2.1 is here! 🎉

⌚️ We've redesigned our Apple Watch app from the ground up for watchOS 10. It's packed with cool new features to make your commute a breeze.
📍 We've improved our maps and search so it's easier to pick a route.
📥 Our new inbox collects all the disruptions affecting your journey in one place.

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🧵 Explaining climate-friendly incentives isn’t enough. Last week’s Washington Post is a great example of how hard the current landscape is to navigate for climate-conscious consumers. #decarbonization #climate

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PBS shows what happens to the #plastic we put in the #recycling bin. It gets shipped (adding tons of C02 to the #climate ) halfway around the world. China won't accept it anymore, so instead people in Thailand salvage what they can, making less than $3/day. 75% of it still gets dumped into the river and carried to the #ocean. The usable 25% gets melted down (releasing toxic fumes) and maybe turned into something low-grade and disposable.

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"As reported by The Globe and Mail, residents spent a total of $181 million at curbside patios within 13 weeks of summer in 2021. If those spaces had remained dedicated to parking, only $3.7 million would have been reaped during the same time period."


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If you ever get the request from Apple for promo artwork it’s super exciting and often followed by panic, because you don’t have any and they want it quickly!

Please reach out to us at:

We have done a lot of these: both big name apps and small independent ones. With that experience we know what stands out and fits Apples needs. And the urgency 😉

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If you're not worried about the accelerating trend in extreme climate events, it's because the media aren't reporting them.
October temperatures were off the charts bad.

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It’s time for another big transportation shift in cities.

“This time around, change should be driven not only by shifting public tastes, but by public-health concerns, from tackling climate change through to promoting individual health.” — @picardonhealth

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A lot of developers I follow should take Nilay up on this: from @verge on their October 13th Vergecast episode:

"If you are out there building a cool #ActivtyPub product, just let us know. We are going to overcover that stuff to show folks that people are building new and interesting products. But it has to be good."

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By now most of you probably have read the reports about a new scientific calculation showing that there are only about five years left in the global carbon budget.

See --

This means that to have even a 50-50 chance of limiting planetary warming to 1.5°C above the baseline, human emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases would have to be reduced to nearly zero by 2030.

That, however, would require an almost complete shutdown of all industry, commerce, and international trade — and we know for sure that is not going to happen. It's inconceivable.

So this is very, very, VERY bad news. But it’s also not surprising to me.

We have known for decades, actually for half a century, that a shift away from fossil fuels was imperative. And what did our leaders do in all that time? You know the answer. I don't even have to say it.

Let's be clear about this, though. Our wonderful life-giving biosphere is *not* dying — it is being killed. It is being murdered by greedy capitalists and their lackeys in government.

#Science #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #CO2 #Emissions

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Devastated at the Maine mass shooting. My deepest love & condolences to the at least 22 fatal victims, dozens more injured, & thousands more traumatized.

Maine is the 565th mass shooting of 2023. It’s the 298th day of the year. We are suffering a mass shooting every 12.5 hours.😓

No other developed nation allows this perpetual atrocity. This is a barbaric policy choice & we are paying the ultimate price.

We need a federal ban on assault weapons & a ban on lobbyist money in politics ASAP.

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