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People tell me they're afraid of AI and computers taking over the world but if it helps: I'm really not.

For the last few decades since Terminator came out, we've been hard at work building in a dead man's switch to every major system on Earth to prevent this from happening. I guarantee you that if computers try to take over the world, somewhere, within a month, a certificate for some critical dependency no one ever considered will expire and take all the machines out at once. We've done a few dozen trial runs of this to make sure the system works. 100% success rate so far.

This thread has expressed in far better ways than I could why and how I think about "ML" in infosec as being more about managing data and people than about making the magical lightning glass think for me.

Imagine if Space Karen just turned on ActivityPub and everyone got their and it just worked...

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Oh dear. I've just been informed that collecting the names of every person on the planet for my naughty and nice lists is, and I quote, “a significant and wholly irresponsible breach of #GDPR “.
I'm going to hand out about 8 billion consent forms soon. If you could all get them back to me ASAP that would be appreciated.

Since it doesn't technically have a mastodon yet, @bsidesbelfast has some news over on 'the other site'

I'm blown away that a conference that's been hounding people for months about getting pretty pricy early bird tickets has so many gaps in it's schedule;
We shouldn't be putting our eggs into dozens of 1-day self-aggrandising confs where venues walk away with all the money, and instead supporting enabling community infra like Farset Labs, Low-Cost-Medium-Impact with 'generously' given sponsorship of regular domain specific meetups and large cross-silo events like NIDC.

So, this is a thing again. Still doesn't do native GIFs so I'm basically kneecapped.

Now that NITD is just NIT, maybe it's time to bring this back? 😂

So, this is twitter for people who don't like people, right?

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