Here is my (slightly less unhinged than I expected) musings on the current state of designing for the web.

Generally, I think we lost something when we stopped calling people web designers and forced people to pick a side.

I'm going to say this again - my white friends who aren't racists do not mind me talking about racism. If you find yourself disturbed by or uncomfortable with topics on racism, you may want to tell yourself some hard truths. And then, work on your findings. You may be racist.

@alisca there is no great scheme at Twitter. Musk is just being very stupid. Thiel and Sacks led him into this, and they were being very stupid. Thiel is extremely smart and has a stupendous track record of blithering dumbassery. I recommend as always "Neoreaction a Basilisk" by Elizabeth Sandifer, whose last chapter is a catalogue of stupid Thiel tricks.

These idiots sincerely believed that Twitter was being run by SJW commies, and not by centrist businessmen working hard to try to make money with a difficult business. This is politely called not reality-based-thinking, and coarsely called them behing huge dumbasses, who use their considerable IQs to be 10x dumbasses.

Not a proper introduction yet but just wanted to get a post up here to prove I am a real person using this account 😅

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