To everyone joining from Twitter today - don’t worry! One of the benefits of Mastodon running on a single load-bearing PCjr (in a closet) is that the network completely lacks the computational capacity to DDOS itself.

btw, i just want to let you all know. that the equivalent of star power in #KitsuneTails turns you into a rainbow powered super (cute) (gay) fox. more info/wishlist at

#GameDev #ScreenshotSaturday #PixelArt #furry

Both Twitter and BlueSky - backed by untold amounts of money and white tech bros - are down.

Mastodon - run by trans furries and femboys high on anxiety - is running just fine.

This is hilarious. It appears that Twitter is DDOSing itself.

The Twitter home feed's been down for most of this morning. Even though nothing loads, the Twitter website never stops trying and trying.

In the first video, notice the error message that I'm being rate limited. Then notice the jiggling scrollbar on the right.

The second video shows why it's jiggling. Twitter is firing off about 10 requests a second to itself to try and fetch content that never arrives because Elon's latest genius innovation is to block people from being able to read Twitter without logging in.

This likely created some hellish conditions that the engineers never envisioned and so we get this comedy of errors resulting in the most epic of self-owns, the self-DDOS.

Unbelievable. It's amateur hour.

#TwitterDown #MastodonMigration #DDOS #TwitterFail #SelfDDOS

Bird site death throes 

You get 600 tweets per day to read. NO MORE.

unironically want to have "you are a cisgender" screamed at me over a $3 headset while playing COD.

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Elon's Twitter nonsense 

I wonder how long it'll be before we get sources saying Elon's engaging in stochastic terrorism.

After his "cis is a slur" debacle last night, we saw a rise vandalism relating to that on Wikipedia. How long before he starts amplifying GAG, or LOTT's nonsense and it starts having an offline effect?

Eurovision 2023 


50th anniversary of Abba winning & the juries gave their biggest vote to Sweden 🤔

Coincidence much?

Jury vote needs to be resigned to the history books. It's not fit for purpose.

#eurovision #eurovision2023 #DropTheJuryVote

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Ok, so that’s clearly a better song, but the public always want Boaty McBoatface. #EuroVision #Eurovision2023

Wait, back to Sweden for ABBA's 50th anniversary? Was...was this a fix? 👀

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Eurovision 2023 

I feel vindicated by seeing the high public vote for Norway & even higher for Finland.

Finland should have won. Sweden only got it due to the jury vote.

Jury vote needs to be thrown out.

#eurovision #eurovision2023

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