I suppose I should be get around to setting some goals for 2024. Hmmm...

Software has always been shit, right?

I wish the search engines would stop "did you mean"-ing me and just say "I don't know" when they have no results for my query.

I need to learn everything again. Anyone want to form a study group with me for computers 101?

All this prompted by being asked to add a feature to an app I wrote 25 years ago!

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All through emulation at the minute, but now I’m tempted to track down a 90s era PC to play for real.

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Spending the morning playing with all the old development tools I couldn’t afford when I was younger.

So it turns out that I'm not really a programmer after all.

WTF was I thinking when I bought this fecking keyboard? I have enough trouble motivating myself without adding more barriers in the way.

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My new Moonlander keyboard just arrived. This message only took me 5 minutes to type. This is going to be a breeze.

Respect to the FedEx driver who called at my house "as he was passing" to warn me that a package that should be delivered next week (and that he had just got the paperwork for) has import charges.

That's the same fella who, a couple of weeks ago, stopped at the house with a package that he had tried to deliver earlier but saw my car sitting outside "as he was passing" on his way back, rather than take it back to the depot.

Someone just got themselves on my Christmas card list.

Another round of the quarterly fun-fest that is "Where are those f**king receipts?"

Looking at the list of things that I don't know (and hence want to learn) and now I'm swimming in vertigo.

I _cannot_ retain _any_ information anymore. I don't _learn_ anything. If anything, I've developed the ability to find a piece of information that will help me _right now_. I can't recall anything. It's frustrating and I hate it.

There are days when the keyboard just feels like a couple of bricks cemented to a plank. Feels like I've never used it before. All flow gone. Fingers simply not finding the right keys. This feeling is fixed by smashing the keyboard against the wall. Repeatedly. Violently. Expensive solution.

I've been a professional programmer for 25 years. This year, I hope to learn how to program properly.

I've just switch my display setting in MacOS all the way to 'Larger Text'. It means I'm old, but I'm happy.

You need a hand?
Sure, take mine.
You’re not strong enough?
It’s OK, neither am I.
But we are.

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