For lent, I _really_ want to give up computers.

Just checked today. They wear slip-ons.

Of course, the joke may be on me, and this is really, really smart code that I'm missing the point of.

Currently reading code that actually makes me wonder how the author can tie their own shoe laces. And it's not even my code!

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@nivrig @d3z @paddy I think it has mostly blown over already.

Self-hosting isn’t the worst in the world though. A self-hosted Slack clone would be really nice.

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So, we're making the move from Slack to Discord?

Bed was nice. I'm not in bed. I'm sitting at a desk thinking about bed.

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Every morning I hit "Continue". Every morning I wish there was a "New game".

@mo what are you using for styling in Elm?

That goes for everyone here, btw. , Thursday 20th @ Stix and Stones. Get over to and register.

@nivrig you really should come out with us for GeekDinnerClub next week. That'll help you rewind/bitch/get drunk.

Playing around a little ("playing" and "a little" were carefully chosen) with Elm this morning. As per usual, now stuck finding an actual project to use it with.

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@stuartgibson I found this yesterday: Looks pretty comprehensive, and up to date. I learn well from books, and I have high hopes. /cc @mo

The Slack is getting so popular that I'm never sure if there's someone lurking who is connected to the shit I'm whinging about.

So, this is where I can moan about things until all the people I'm moaning about signup.

Thinking of hiring a motorhome or campervan for a long weekend next month. Anyone had any experience?

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