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I made Thanksgiving dinner and now the kids are crying and I'm not allowed to help anymore

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You can only sell off the family silver once.

The temporary windfall from selling public assets comes at the expense of a community permanently losing parks, housing, libraries, sports facilities and much more.

Future generations deserve better.

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Torn between deleting my Twitter account, and leaving it up with just this single Tweet.

Every year I go into a self-critical cycle as I examine the latest event delivered and wonder where we could do better. I try to implement changes each year from the learnings.

I suspect, being a new conference, the organiser(s) have bitten off more than they can chew.

I can only hope the organiser(s) will take the criticisms on board and scale back their ambition for next year as the feedback to date has been pretty damaging.

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The event space as well as AV requirements, etc are locked down months in advance.

Budgets are one of the first things that get looked at, we work hard to make sure that we have a realistic budget and ensure that we can adhere to it.

This is a minimum standard.

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Having read the experiences of speakers and attendees I am in absolute awe at the level of how things went wrong.

I've been involved in organising multiple events including NIDC in October with 420+ attendees. What I've read about the London Conference is so eyebrow raising.

Whilst the events I've organised have been hyper-local, community ones, at each and every one we are transparent about who the organisers are and how to contact them.

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I keep seeing posts about a new 2 day tech conference that happened last week in London.

Apparently it was so terrible that there are now a number of blogs alleging behaviour on the part of the organiser(s) which was downright unprofessional at best, and fraudulent at worst. Only one organiser has been identified and I'm disappointed to discover it's someone I know tangentially through the London tech scene.

The conference promised 3k+ attendees, 150 speakers, tickets were in three figures.

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Rant, gratuitous swearing, Instagram 

For the love of God stop making videos where the shot changes every half second. I feel like I've got photo-sensitive epilepsy and somebody just turned a fucking strobe on. You're heading for a boot up the hole not a Palme D'Or.

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Maybe this wasn’t the right time to watch Severance amid all the Twit Drama.

It was a very good show though.

The cast were a masterclass in nuanced, understated performances. The story kept you engaged, and along the with the sets and wardrobe it all came together to perfectly convey a sense of dystopian reality that makes it so unsettling.

Oh boy...this is going to be a fun learning curve! Off work today so guess I'll spend it learning all about Mastodon 😂

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