It was a full bottle of ink. Then I knocked it over 😜

@marramgrass I kept daily notes in physical notebooks using a fountain pen for ~2.5 years (I switched to Obsidian and gave up on paper), and I never once managed to refill the pen without getting *some* amount of ink on me. I think it's physically impossible.

@semanticist Getting it on you is a law of physics, I think.

I've been nerdy with fountain pens for years, and have inky fingers all the time. But this is the first time I've actually managed to spill a whole bottle 😂

@marramgrass are you a half bottle of ink full, or a half bottle of ink empty kind of guy?

@gausby I think I've become a half bottle of ink spread over the desk kind of guy.

@marramgrass I see, the kind of person who leaves a mark on the world; or at least on the desk.

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