Aye, so. Planning a migration to @marragrass@social.lol since I really like all the omg.lol stuff that is going on. All the automated follows and so on will be incoming.

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Boring meta stuff 

Considering an instance move. Trying to figure out what the implications are in terms of what gets lost and what gets migrated.

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Unconditional #BasicIncome will be the floor beneath the tightrope of life - always there, ready to catch you if you fall. You'd have the confidence to take risks without fear of absolute destitution. UBI is about creating an environment of safety, and from safety comes creativity, innovation.

🍿 Caught Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse over the weekend while it’s in a brief return to the cinema here. Even better than the first one, which was a high bar indeed. I’m glad I got to see it in the cinema before I watch it at home.

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The correct answer to “but I can’t make what I’m making without having it violate your consent” is always “that’s ok, don’t make it then.”

#consent #tech #SiliconValley #BigTech #colonialistMindset

Wow. iOS app store review approval eleven minutes after submission. I think that’s the quickest I’ve had it.

Finishing the working week off by unhooking the computer from all its gubbins so I can do some minor modification of the wee Ikea unit thing it lives in. It's almost enough hassle to put me off.

But not quite.

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@ldodds maybe, *just maybe*, selling off life-critical infrastructure to a series of geographical monopolies wasn’t a *great* idea. I mean, call me a communist, but I think it might have been a dodgy plan.

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🎵 Listening to Electric Six today and thinking that the lascivious announcement of each “Solo!” should be more widely employed.

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Pillaged from BlueSky:
"20 years ago we were suing teenagers for millions of dollars because they were torrenting a single Metallica album and now billionaires are demanding the free right to every work in history, so that they can re-sell it.
The law only ever serves capital."

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It's like that embarrassing thing where you go to the supermarket and buy a six-pack of large free-range eggs because you want to make a tortilla and when you get home they start hatching and the baby velociraptors eat all the pancetta you were going to add to it and look at you with googly eyes like, "mooom! hungry!" and now you have a kitchen velociraptor infestation and they love you and refuse to move out

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It fascinates me that stories spin different ways depending on who is involved.

Ex 1: Hillary Clinton calling people on the other side deplorable was in the news for a while as disrespectful and just awful - but Donald Trump calling people on the other side vermin was barely noticed.

Ex 2: Apple taking 30% from people selling on their platform has been in my newsfeed many times a week for years and yet Amazon takes 70% of books I sell for more than $10 and I hear nothing about that.

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Amazing hand-drawn, redo of the animated intro of the 80’s kids cartoon Thundercats. This took the artist about 2 months to complete, everything is hand-drawn, even the effects. I feel bad that all I can do is give this a thumbs up on YouTube so I’m sharing it here so you can appreciate it as well. 🥰😸 youtu.be/UHxtOkrTZKQ?si=vFNcO-

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#Edinburgh peeps, the lovely Cameo Cinema has a season of Powell & Pressburger movies coming up in Feb picturehouses.com/event-detail

Simply some of the most exquisitely beautiful films in British cinema, well worth seeing again on the big screen, such a different experience from watching on television

Already booked to see A Matter of Life & Death, one of my all-time, top ten favourite films.

#film #cinema #PowellAndPressburger #BritishFilm #ClassicFilm #Edimbourg #AMatterOfLifeAndDeath

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I'm worried by this story: theguardian.com/uk-news/2024/j

Yes, Fujitsu must shoulder some blame for the faulty technology, and possibly more for being in denial. But Fujitsu did not choose to pursue the users for the "missing" money and prosecute them. There is a considerable human side to this story. We must not let the Post Office offload all the financial responsibility onto Fujitsu.

"We only acted like complete bastards because their software fucked up." won't cut it.

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