Instagram just served me an ad for a prosthetic leg. That’s not something I’ve ever needed. Algorithms, eh?

@marramgrass Something you've never needed… yet.

Maybe it knows something?

@stuart This is me resolving to be very careful with my legs, just in case.

@marramgrass @stuart Somebody deployed a research bot with the new prescient AI neural network.

@marramgrass It's maybe a sign the InstaBot DeLegger had been dispatched to drive up conversion rates. Might be best to check before opening the door today.

@marramgrass Have you been looking at pictures of people partying? It might think you’re legless.

@marramgrass I have a mental image of you reading my dreadful joke yesterday, sighing and then deciding that you needed to respond out of kindness today. 😂😂😂

And now I’ve outed myself as the sort of person who does that.

@simon So am I. But in this case I read it this morning and you got my immediate and unfiltered reaction 😂

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