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It’s funny how recognizing AI art nowadays is just the same old rules as recognizing the fae in old tales.

“Count the fingers, count the knuckles, count the teeth, check the shadows…”

… and under NO circumstances should you make deals with their kind.

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Elon pretends he's Iain M. Banks' biggest fan, but they knew what to do with megalomaniacs in the Culture

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I think I enjoyed Glass Onion just as much as Knives Out. Pretty much every part of it delighted me.


I love sprouts, but they take a wild lot of effort to prep.

I’ve been luxuriating offline for a few days. How are y’all?

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"do you read your reviews"

I don't know, do you stick your head in a large opaque bag that contains a combination of both delicious candy AND angry wasps in some unknown proportion

It usually takes me much longer to get into the latest. But I find myself with a window where I can deal with any nonsense, so 🎉

This is a repost because I forgot the image description 🤦🏻‍♂️

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The bit about a lawyer being stopped from entering a music hall in the US because its facial recognition system picked up that she's part of a law company that's suing them is even crazier than I thought.

The law company isn't suing the music hall - it's suing a restaurant, in another state, which is owned by the hall's parent company MSG Entertainment. MSG gone ahead and harvested photos of all the lawyers in the firm and fed it to an image recognition system to ban them from every MSG Entertainment owned location.

People always tell me that if you've got nothing to hide then you've got nothing to fear. She's got nothing to hide and they still went after her.

If this doesn't start making people worried about facial recognition then there's serious trouble coming.
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UKpol, NHS, Healthcare provision 

If I hear one more person wittering on about "efficiency savings" in the #NHS I'm going to scream. The NHS has been pared to the bone in the name of efficiency savings and it does not work because you can't predict exactly when or how people are going to need the service.

I don't want the NHS to be efficient. I want it to have the capacity to deal with whatever gets thrown at it. I WANT there to be empty beds, because that means there's nobody waiting for a bed. I WANT Doctors to spend a certain amount of their day twiddling their thumbs, because that means people aren't stuck waiting in pain and desperation.

Am i weird?

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There was a young man
From Cork who got limericks
And haikus confused

(Anon. c. 2011)

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Taking a window of slightly quieter time to get projects updated to Xcode 14. Having downloaded all 7.1 GB of it, I now need to free up the necessary disk space to actually install it.

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This is *amazing*.
You can take an MP3 and encode it into MIDI. The results are horrifyingly mesmerising. Can you hear the vocal?
(Stolen from )

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"If you hate watching a billionaire destroy the place you live online, wait till you hear what they’re up to with planet earth."
- Meghna Jayanth

My head says I stayed up to late reading again.

Red (I'm listening to Taylor's version, of course) is still a cracker of an album.

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