DailyQ Wed Feb 8 

@mishellbaker I suspect something involving ice cream, honeycomb, caramel and lots of molten chocolate would capture me best.

Sweet tooth? Me?

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Fun facts about masks:
They're inexpensive compared to getting sick.
They're a minor inconvenience.
They protect you from #COVID19 PLUS other viruses.
If you're ill and don't know, your mask protects people around you.
If more people wore them, we'd not only prevent death and disability, we'd also limit the mutation of COVID.
If you're worried about your privacy, masks also make it more difficult for facial recognition software to track your movement.
#WearAMask - It's a win-win-win-win-win.

@ianRobinson @stuartgibson @ryangadams Groovy. I'll add it to my ever-growing list of things to look at.

As a possible place to keep said list 🤪

@stuartgibson @ianRobinson @ryangadams I'd got the impression Craft was more like a Google Docs-type thing.

@ryangadams Had a wee look and there are options to self-host it's server or sync to an S3 bucket as well.

Now I just need to find the time/motivation/will.

I've been using a mix of "bunch of things in iCloud" and Notion for specific projects (where a "project" is anything from the weekly shopping list to the loft conversion). But neither is ideal.

🎵 In a totally unexpected development, I’ve found myself listening to The Bangles this morning. music.apple.com/gb/album/every

@ryangadams I ditched Evernote several years ago, but haven't found anything to replace it that I really was happy with.

Not sure why I hadn't turned up Joplin in my searching. Will have a poke at it at some point.

Bandcamp floated up some random shred for today: korinkuroi.bandcamp.com/album/

It's not bad, as these things go.

Bah. Monday again? Already?

Are weekends getting shorter?

Long overdue restring and tweak to the setup. Lowered the action a bit to see how it takes it.

Finished reading: Phantom Pains by Mishell Baker 📚

A pretty affecting follow-up to Borderline. Looking forward to the third volume. micro.blog/books/9781481451925

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People seem to be enjoying our latest episode. If you want to help us reach a bigger audience, we’d love a boost. Cheers! 🇬🇷❤️

Greece in the Off Season - Is it worth it?

@shezza_t Ha. Yes.

Pretty sure we’re just one stop on her daily round.

Finished reading: Borderline by Mishell Baker 📚

I first heard of this book on a couple of podcasts where it got rave reviews. Took me quite a while to get round to reading it, but those reviews were right. Recommended. micro.blog/books/9781481429788

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