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There's yet another "AI will kill us all! It poses a risk of extinction!" letter going around, and I just… Y'all i am just so fucking tired.

CAPITALISM poses risk of extinction (climate change, right the fuck now).

WHITE SUPREMACY poses risk of extinction (genocide, eugenics).

HEGEMONY poses risk of extinction (nuclear FUCKING WAR).

And whatever "risk of extinction" "AI" poses, it poses because it is BUILT FROM THOSE EXTREMELY HUMAN VALUES.

Even if you stopped every "AI" project running, RIGHT THIS SECOND, those values would still kill us. And no matter how long you "pause" your "AI" projects, if you don't address those values? Then when you start your "AI" back up? You'll KEEP BUILDING THOSE SAME VALUES IN.

This is not hard. At this point, as much as it pains me to say it, it's not even novel. And yet you're still not fucking getting it.

I'm so goddam tired.

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@ianRobinson It is a tremendous wee book. Clever, touching, twisty and fun. And beautifully written.

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If a #sandwich explodes when you pick it up and take a bite, that sandwich should have been a bowl with a side of bread. :blobfoxfacepalm:

The diner has no culpability in this mess; they are a victim of Big Sandwhich. This shadowy cabal has forsaken the Earl’s glorious vision of “eat while you play” in a craven search for market share.

Thank you for coming to my #TEDtalk :blobfoxdealwithit:

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Amazon is in the unique position of being able to almost singlehanded, effectively overnight, reduce most single-use plastics from being used in consumer packaging.

They could demand all suppliers provide alternative packaging within (say) 5 years.

And yet they do nothing. We have such low fucking expectations of these enormous corporations.

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I like how the toot button greys out when the Ivory window isn't focused.

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“That was always the dream, wasn't it? 'I wish I'd known then what I know now'? But when you got older you found out that you NOW wasn't YOU then. You then was a twerp. You then was what you had to be to start out on the rocky road of becoming you now, and one of the rocky patches on that road was being a twerp.”

― Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

#Glorious25thOfMay #Discworld #TerryPratchett #Quotes #books #bookstodon

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"Why should I support the robot revolution? I don't hear you demand truth, justice, or freedom."
"No," the robot said, "our demands are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound."
"Let me see that list. Hm. A hard-boiled egg?"
"It's for an early supporter."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic #Glorious25th

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A legal process, to get hold of the content of WhatsApp messages, which isn't foiled by that nasty end-to-end encryption? Imagine that...

@threedaymonk I have many commit messages along the lines of "Maybe this time?" and "Tickle CI".

🎵 I’m only a light and occasional DAW user, and Ableton has been my choice for quite some time, but Logic Pro being available for the iPad tempts me to have another look in its direction.

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Those of us wanting Braverman to resign should be careful about getting what we ask for.

An actually competent replacement as a hardline Home Secretary is a worrying prospect.

Braverman's cavalier approach to her job means she should go.


Oh, but.

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Cat the size of cat: friend

Dog the size of dog: friend

Dog the size of cat: friend

Cat the size of dog: NOT FRIEND

@ryangadams That Files icon is going for a little bit of individuality.

I'm sure this is some sort of comment on trends in icon design. Some day will all icons be a circle in a squircle?

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