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As we get the yearly influx of Spotify’s Wrapped, Apple’s Replay, etc in our social feeds, a reminder:

Please support those artists you love by buying albums (or concert tickets, or merch) if you're in a position to do so. Streaming royalties are *terrible*.

And if you need a tool to help with buying albums, here, I built Support Act for this very purpose:

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James Dyson loses Libel Case.

Not too many fans in the courtroom, then?

I guess nature abhors a vacuum.

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@Theblueone The whole thing seems a lot for the price. Looking forward to giving it a go.

@Theblueone Interesting. Do you reckon you'll get much more out of the OX than from loading IRs into the Iridium?

I have just gone to the dark(er) side and am in the process of retiring a big-ish Iridium-based board in favour of an FM3. Very happy with it so far, but I'd been wondering what to do about a sensible backup. Now thinking IR-2, delay, reverb, drive would do in a pinch. Likely to end up 3 of the 4 pedals on then board being Boss.

@Theblueone There's been some positive reaction to that. What are you planning to run into it? (I’ve only ever used combined amp/cab sims.)

@Theblueone I'm very much considering it as the basis for a small backup rig.

The Castro servers have been returning errors for several days when trying to do anything, including checking for new episodes or (sadly) trying to export my list of subscriptions. I fear my favourite podcast app may not be much longer for this world 🙁

Overcast seems the obvious place to look, but I'd welcome any recommendations for an iOS podcast app suitable for heavy use with lots of subscriptions. Please and thank you.

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Chancellor is going to cut NI, saving me a couple of hundred quid a year.... I can't get a call with a GP in anything under four weeks, but I'll be two hundred quid a year better off. Go Tories!

Tell you what... keep the 200 quid. Fix the NHS. And for pity's sake, be honest with us about the correlation between the tax we pay and the level of public service we enjoy!

The Tory ideology is that tax is a punishment. It's not. It's the price you pay to live in a functioning society!


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Always speak as though quoting *Fight Club* costs at least forty dollars.

@lexfri I won't tell you what I said when this one loaded 🤬


I'm late to the news, but Cameron again? Seriously?

I'd say scraping the barrel, but something about pork scratchings seems more apt.

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Shamelessly stolen from; caption of photo is "Link in bio".

Share my misery!

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So, Mr Beast made a YouTube video where he dug 100 wells in impoverished areas of Kenya and other African countries. CNN did a story on how he was being criticized for his good deeds. They quoted Saran Kaba Jones, a Black woman who has been building wells in Africa for 15 years, and a single Twitter commenter.

But... The Black woman praised Mr. Beast? She only asked that we consider maintenance, because many of the wells she digs are because existing wells weren't maintained.


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I see Sunak’s lot now reckon things should be banned for being “disrespectful”.

@acf This is challenging my "stop buying physical books there's no more room on the shelves” 😞

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