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One of the most beautiful things in the world remains the moment in one of the final Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 cutscenes where Tim Curry _barely_ holds it together. Both that it exists, and that that's the take they went with.

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You know when people are at a gig and they have their phone out all the time?

Well that's fine. People can do whatever they like. They paid for their ticket so it's up to them how they enjoy the gig. 😊

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The AI strategies of both main UK political parties: "Let a thousand Post Office Horizon IT scandals bloom!"
1) the opacity of deep learning erases due process
2) the harms caused when these brittle systems fail will fall on the least powerful
3) politicians believe AI can solve social problems

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Horizon was raised in Parliament in 2012.

CW report in 2014. PO discontinued prosecutions in 2015. Civil litigation in 2017—2019.

Inquiry was set up in 2020. In 2021, Court of Appeal quashed a large number of convictions.

Turns out, the combined power of investigative journalism, Parliament, the courts, and public inquiries aren't enough to prompt the government to actually do anything about the biggest miscarriage of justice in English legal history—that requires an ITV drama, apparently.

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ukpol, subpostmasters 

Seems the only way to get our government to actually do anything useful is to broadcast a dramatisation of it on ITV.

Seriously, the miscarriage of justice around the Horizon / postmaster scandal has been known for… years? And yet it’s top priority now just because it got a drama on TV?

OK then; if that’s how it works, let’s have some dramas for climate change, treatment of refugees, and corrupt fucking Tories chasing the latest headlines.

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@Helengraham @ChrisMayLA6 I agree with most of what you say here.
Real incomes have collapsed across the board since Brexit but people need to see that the enemy isn't the guy down the road who gets what he deserves, it's the hoarders of capital who pay marginal/no tax.
My partner's daughter is a GP, seven years qualified, finished first in her class at top medical uni and can't afford a second child.
Billionaires aren't cleverer than most, they have great tax accountants.

Patching holes in the car with duck tape like a boss.

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Take care of yourself this holiday season.
- close your eyes
- take a deep breath
- give your old bones a rest
- wander the trackless moors at midnight and follow ghosts to the crumbling ruins of forgotten kings and magic untold
- have some tea and cake

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Petition to make it so that any gig you buy tickets for has to publish all 3 times:

1. doors
2. support (if any)
3. main act


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As we get the yearly influx of Spotify’s Wrapped, Apple’s Replay, etc in our social feeds, a reminder:

Please support those artists you love by buying albums (or concert tickets, or merch) if you're in a position to do so. Streaming royalties are *terrible*.

And if you need a tool to help with buying albums, here, I built Support Act for this very purpose:

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James Dyson loses Libel Case.

Not too many fans in the courtroom, then?

I guess nature abhors a vacuum.

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The Castro servers have been returning errors for several days when trying to do anything, including checking for new episodes or (sadly) trying to export my list of subscriptions. I fear my favourite podcast app may not be much longer for this world 🙁

Overcast seems the obvious place to look, but I'd welcome any recommendations for an iOS podcast app suitable for heavy use with lots of subscriptions. Please and thank you.

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Chancellor is going to cut NI, saving me a couple of hundred quid a year.... I can't get a call with a GP in anything under four weeks, but I'll be two hundred quid a year better off. Go Tories!

Tell you what... keep the 200 quid. Fix the NHS. And for pity's sake, be honest with us about the correlation between the tax we pay and the level of public service we enjoy!

The Tory ideology is that tax is a punishment. It's not. It's the price you pay to live in a functioning society!


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Always speak as though quoting *Fight Club* costs at least forty dollars.


I'm late to the news, but Cameron again? Seriously?

I'd say scraping the barrel, but something about pork scratchings seems more apt.

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Shamelessly stolen from; caption of photo is "Link in bio".

Share my misery!

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So, Mr Beast made a YouTube video where he dug 100 wells in impoverished areas of Kenya and other African countries. CNN did a story on how he was being criticized for his good deeds. They quoted Saran Kaba Jones, a Black woman who has been building wells in Africa for 15 years, and a single Twitter commenter.

But... The Black woman praised Mr. Beast? She only asked that we consider maintenance, because many of the wells she digs are because existing wells weren't maintained.


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