I think I'm close to giving up on with . After trying the upgrade to 0.19 again, I can get the Elm code compiling but it seems like Brunch doesn't like compiling it.

I don't understand why this sort of thing has to be so opaque.


That said, I reckon that the problem is that we rely on too many abstractions for this whole thing. NPM, Brunch, Elm, Phoenix and so on. It all adds up to me not knowing what exactly is being done on my behalf.

I suspect there's a bit of spelunking in my future to figure out how the plumbing is actually hanging together. Then maybe I'll appreciate what is broken.

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@mo I believe the next version of is replacing brunch with webpack. It means nothing to me, but those I work with who know things tell me it will be a major improvement in usability.

@marramgrass I see that Webpack is already in the master branch for Phoenix, but no release of it yet. I figured I would try to understand what is happening with Brunch so that I could see about replacing it with Webpack myself (we use Webpack in work - though when I say “we”, remember that I’m a manager now 😉).

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