Right, I’m out. That Very British Problems account has come over from Twitter and now the “we’re so British, we love queuing and tea and being polite, please forget the colonialism, old chap” bollocks is masquerading as comedy here too.

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When people travel to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small.

Few people think that they can radically change the future by doing something small in the present.

This is the only real time travel paradox.

Twitteratti in 2008: Twitter is an app interface playground. Everyone is trying these cool new things. So much innovation.
Twitteratti in 2022: I can’t find a Mastodon app that I like. There’s too many. They’re not mature enough. They do weird things. I just want Tweetbot for Mastodon so that everything is the same as it was before.

@ThePaulMcBride when will WeCodeNI be posting job listings to Mastodon? 🙂

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If you follow Irish people, you will see many posts about the #LateLateToyShow tonight.

This is an ancient arcane Celtic ritual in which a manic spindly giant runs around interviewing children about toys. There are mystic seasonal chants and musical performances and sometimes Ed Sheeran.

We partake in traditional offerings of alcohol and sweets as the ceremony goes on, leading to increasing social media usage and merriment.

Good luck, non-Irish Mastodons of the world, for tonight we rise.

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I host a daily podcast called Your Daily Lex. Today’s episode is about getting banned from Twitter.

Five minutes a day. Free Black Friday and always.


Dahmer, cannibalism 

I don’t think this could be a worse advertising partnership, unless they specifically advertised Meat Feast pizzas. Might need to work on the Brand Safety there, All4.

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I feel like the tradition needs to be kept alive here on Mastodon. You know what to do.

#TomHolland #Zendaya #LipSyncBattle

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I set up donated guitars for asylum seekers in Belfast. Here’s a donation that’s too much guitar for a beginner, so I’m looking to sell it, with majority portion of proceeds going to music charity. Please retoot ♻️



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follow new people don't just recreate your twitter clique on Mastodon.

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I keep seeing posts about a new 2 day tech conference that happened last week in London.

Apparently it was so terrible that there are now a number of blogs alleging behaviour on the part of the organiser(s) which was downright unprofessional at best, and fraudulent at worst. Only one organiser has been identified and I'm disappointed to discover it's someone I know tangentially through the London tech scene.

The conference promised 3k+ attendees, 150 speakers, tickets were in three figures.

As musician and technology enthusiast it gives me so much delight that Roland released everything but a 404 in their x0x series of instruments in the early 80s.

While they did eventually release an SP-404, the original 404 was literally Not Found. Perfect.

I’m going to retcon this into the HTTP spec.

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I hate* to be a stereotype but I just spent the afternoon in the pub talking shit with a couple I’d never met before and we’re like best mates now. I’d die for Gerry and Margaret.

(* I’m lying. I’m totally embracing this stereotype)

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I need an app or service that can remember the name of that movie that I saw advertised on the side of a bus around 6 months ago when it was in cinemas but is now available on iTunes and I’m in the mood to watch it right now but only if it’s not too long because I’m a bit sleepy this evening thank you very much.

Is it too much to ask for this simple use case?

I don’t know if this needs to be a server or client function, but the Mastodon experience desperately needs to debounce repeated boosts of the same damn posts over and over again.

Fuck UniFi and their apparent inability to choose a consistent PoE standard. Trying to install a couple of UniFi 6 Lites, and I’ve turned up with (UniFi) 24V injectors when it seems I need 48V. My fault, but I got these injectors with the last batch of APs I bought so I thought they’d be reasonably current! (No pun intended)


Went to the shop for bread and milk. Had to pass the pub on the way. Got distracted.

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