Ordered myself a new external out for my setup. Trying to find the opportunity to experiment in the darker, colder, wetter months is hard. I’m going to build a mini rack that’s easier to tinker with of an evening, and to store when not in use. Can’t wait for the Intellijel Outs module to arrive now!

New module arrived today, which meant that I was able to start setting up the mini . Will continue in the thread rather than flooding the timeline, but here’s the empty rack waiting to be filled.

Starting with the output, I put in my Erica Synths Pico Output. This will allow me to plug in headphones and actually hear some audio that isn’t at level.

Moving to the other side, I’ve included the Make Noise Maths module for some modulations.

Sticking with the audio source end of the rack I’ve decided to throw my Behringer Brains in. It’s basically a Mutable Instruments Plaits, but more affordable, and has a lot of interesting sounds available from a single module. Having it all in a single module allows for plenty of variety, especially as we can use CV control from Maths to switch between sounds as well.

Before the output, I want a filter so I’ve stuck in my Dreadbox Eudemonia. It’s got low and high pass, a VCA, and a mixer section, with CV control over lots of stuff. Also the sliders are a nice deviation from knobs everywhere.


For some flexibility in a small space I’ve include the Disting EX. It has multiple algorithms so can be put to many uses. I included the TMB (Tiny MIDI Breakout). I probably won’t be using MIDI, but it’s not going to be useful anywhere else on its own.

All ready to go with the Korg SQ1 sequencer. And with some space for more later. I have a Music Thing Modular Turing Machine to be built and I think it’d be perfect in this.

Looks like Metatext applied my visibility selection to every post. I thought I did the first as Global, the middle as Unlisted, and the last as Global. That must have just applied the last setting to all the posts. Sorry!

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