Fuck UniFi and their apparent inability to choose a consistent PoE standard. Trying to install a couple of UniFi 6 Lites, and I’ve turned up with (UniFi) 24V injectors when it seems I need 48V. My fault, but I got these injectors with the last batch of APs I bought so I thought they’d be reasonably current! (No pun intended)

@mo To be fair they abandoned 24v passive a good while ago.

@theronster not sure how I ended up with one straight out of an AP box in shrink wrap. I haven’t bought anything but ACs for years now. That said, how long has it been since they were bundling injectors in the box?

@theronster got something coming from Amazon tomorrow. And should be migrating a PoE capable switch to here in a few weeks.

@mo Not sure. I’ve a stack of 20 in the office I need to deploy in a few weeks - don’t think any of them have injectors included, but I never gave it a second thought since they’re going onto an existing PoE switch.

@theronster waiting to get a UDM at home and move a USG and switch to here.

@mo Yeah, I’ve a UDM Pro in a rack in my attic, and a PoE switch running to a bunch of sockets and APs around the house. It’s the only way to waste money!

@theronster would love a UDM Pro but it’s overkill for here right now. I’ve got a perfect spot too: nice utility cupboard, all Ethernet goes to it, patch panel set up, fibre arrives in it too.

@mo My fibre comes in the front wall of the house, but I had the foresight to get a network socket right beside it, so it’s patched directly to the attic panel and into the UDM from there.

@theronster so does ours, and then there’s an Ethernet into the utility cupboard. I should have said that rather than the fibre goes into that cupboard 🙂

@theronster I also got two extra Ethernet cables into the attic just in case. And power.

@theronster my wife was thinking of all the practical stuff. I was purely concerned with network and power.

@mo If I’m feeling frisky later I’ll take a pic of my attic cabinet.

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