I don’t know if this needs to be a server or client function, but the Mastodon experience desperately needs to debounce repeated boosts of the same damn posts over and over again.

@mo It's DIY - you are responsible for your own feed 😀 Deboostinate those people for a bit.

@oisin I know what you’re saying, and I’m sidestepping it because it suits my moan. It’s not like you can pinpoint a single person to take action against. One person boosts one thing because they think it’s helpful, so I don’t want to take action against them for one inadvertent annoyance. And I don’t want to mute the OP cause it’s not their fault either.

Doesn’t help that really old posts can be dragged up regularly. Especially from Eugen.

@mo ah you need to move instance, Mo, and stop giving out :-D

@mo oh ok that's fair 😀 Sorry about that assumption!

@mo This annoys me so much I've taken to reading the Activity Pub spec.

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