Anyone else notice missing posts from their timeline? Noticed this evening that one of my own posts (made through Ivory) wasn’t visible. Had a look in Metatext and on my instance web app, and could see it in both. Then noticed other posts from my timeline that weren’t showing in Ivory either. That said, they were there if I went to the federated timeline in Ivory.

And this post isn’t showing in my timeline. Though it does if I view my own posts. I also got a reply to an earlier post, but am not seeing anything in the mentions view. Might need to use Metatext or Mammoth for a while.


Nevermind! Apparently I had a filter for media posts only on my home timeline. That’s a relief!

I’m not arrogant enough to turn this into a “they should make it easier to tell that a filter is active. This is a UX issue”. This was all me!

@mo Glad I read the thread. I was about to suggest checking filters 😊

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