Basically can’t wait to buy all of the new Mastodon clients. I’ve long used Twitterrific, and I hope it comes to Mastodon in some form, but I’ll definitely buy a bunch of them to give them a proper kick of the tyres and to say thanks to the developers for taking the risk on this platform.

@joshua sometimes I’m a little conflicted about things like this. I often wonder if there is actually a valid market for some apps or are they all supported by “friends” buying everything they put out. But I guess the market is really about getting your app/company enough friends.

@mo Yeah, the indie movement was all about word of mouth until you grew enough to buy ad space somewhere and spread farther. I think it’s a great approach toward building a strong community. Shame Apple had to go and shit all over it.

@joshua I see people (like me) saying “can’t wait to buy a bunch of apps” and I wonder if the indie app economy is just a subtle siphon of surplus cash from the people with jobby jobs.

Which is great if it works!

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