@BenRiceM Hey Ben. I was listening to an older episode of The Cast of Us, and had been at the point where you, Tiff, and Brian were talking about Fear the Walking Dead; specifically about zombies floating out to sea.

This caused me to think: does the possibility of floating zombies imply the possibility of a Great Pacific Zombie Patch out there in the ocean?

@mo that is a very upsetting thought, and given how much the writers of TWD like to upset their audience, it’s gotta exist, right?

@BenRiceM unless the zombies get eaten by sharks. I don't know what caused the zombie outbreak in TWD, but if enough sharks are eating enough zombies it's got to jump species at some stage. Sooooo, zombie sharks that can't die if they're out of water…

@mo Looking forward to the Zombie Sharknado crossover episode :P

@BenRiceM I'm looking forward to a podcast all about Zombie Sharknado!

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