Me in 2022: “100 Knurlies? I'm never going to need 100 of these things!”
Me in 2023: “Shit. I think I'm going to need more Knurlies!”

@mo And Synthcube doesn't sell tins of them these days, they sell them individually at $1.32 each SMH

@mo or should I say they offer them for sale. Whether anyone actually buys them at that price is another question.

@doctroid What's a Synthcube? 😉 I'm kinda kidding – I think it's a US store, right? I'm in the UK so I've never used them.

@mo Yeah it's roughly the US equivalent of Thonk, roughly.

@doctroid I'm waiting for a delivery from Thonk right now. No Knurlies, but another Turing Machine. Oh, the Music Thing Modular stuff comes with Knurlies, IIRC, so won't need any for the new Turing Machine/Volts.

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