@caseyliss sorry if this is the 117th time you e gotten feedback on Callsheet pricing etc. I know John kept saying “free trial” but to me that’s what your 10/20 free searches are. Why does a free trial have to be time-based?

Personally, after the issues with Twitter apps, I think having monthly/yearly pricing at the same overall amount means that you can say “hey, if you pay for the year you’re effectively tipping and shouldn’t ask for a refund if something goes wrong. Otherwise go monthly.”


@caseyliss I know you lose on some cynical exploitation of human nature over getting a year when the user stops using it after a month but did we get into this business to be cynical?

I like the idea that people who can afford a dollar a month get an app for the same price as someone who can pay 12 dollars up front. Reminds me of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boots_th

@caseyliss last message. Instead of blocking searches when the free allocation is reached, why not replace every actor in search results with random pictures of your dog. Still has some information and cute!

@mo @caseyliss but then no one will pay because we all want to see cute dog pics.

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