Being a kid means not wanting to go to bed because you don’t want the current day to end.

Being an adult means not wanting to go to bed because you don’t want the next day to start.

@colo_lee @mo
Maybe. I've felt sad when pondering the origins of my own sleep procrastination.

My therapist gives helpful advice applicable here: procrastination is sometimes a way of exerting control over a situation we otherwise feel powerless to change.

And then it's still sad maybe, but the culprit is less the adult's failing and more the system that makes folks do stuff they dread on a regular basis.

@mo Alternate for being an adult: …because you already had two naps today and now you have to do your taxes.

@joshua dammit. Why you have to remind me that I need to do my taxes!

@mo i dread both, what does this say about-
wait no i am literally the answer it's called being a teenager

@mo What does it mean when you feel both at the same time?

@dricibone @mo I wonder if there is a German word for this….🤔

@mo being an adult is needing to go to bed to end the day also

@mo Being old means you wish you could go to bed, but you know you'll just twitch for a few hours then get up and go to the can, may as well stay up.

@mo Nah, it's still the first one. Or I'm too anxious to sleep.

@mo it's more the opposite way round for me. 🤷‍♀️

I'm sorry you're feeling like that.

@mo Being a senior means not wanting to go to bed because you napped all afternoon and really the next day is just gonna be the same as this one, so what the hell😉

@mo @daNanner Absolutely. I can easily go to bed very early when I am on vacation.

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