@spins @mo are you just using a Homepod for your turntable speaker now ?

@acf @spins nah. That’s part of a HomePod pair, but the turntable speakers are on the shelf below the turntable. I think the vinyl gods would strike me down if I somehow managed to get that beautiful analogue signal into AirPlay. Though, really; isn’t EM waves just the ultimate in analogue? 😉

@mo @spins I bought a new (to me) amp recently which I’m quite pleased with.

@acf @spins what brand/model of amp? I’m currently using a Behringer phono pre-amp and powered speakers, but my plan is to upgrade very soon.

@mo @spins I got a Cyrus One HD on eBay I had a flatmate about 25 years ago with very fancy high end kit and I always loved the look of the Cyrus. I remember my mind blowing at the very idea of separate pre and power amps, or a CD transport and DAC

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