@acf @spins it is, isn’t it! I have a vague recollection of early CDs of that album having a yellow tray, but I might be misremembering.

@mo @spins yeah mine has a yellow tray. I kind of switched to CDs in about 1990 and so everything after that for me is CDs until a couple of years ago.

@acf @spins my CD copy has a standard black tray because I didn’t buy a copy until I moved out of home.

@mo @spins I think I’m going to try and get nice vinyl copies of REM, Nine Inch Nails and Mountain Goats. All bands I have a big collection of 90s CDs for. Bound to be some 25th and 30th anniversary vinyl release available :)

@mo yellow one was preordered some time ago :) took receipt of downward spiral and broken on vinyl this week.

@spins What's the quality like on this release? I've seen some complaints that the recent remasters completely kill the dynamic range of the original, but that might be more in the digital versions.

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