@BenRiceM my theory is that it’s all about concealing the moon landing site. Phones are getting better zooms so if the camera picks up evidence that we actually went to the moon, this AI can conceal it to keep the conspiracy going.

@lexfri we need Al to do a duet with ChatGPT and credit it to Weird Al and Weird AI.

@schwa @heathborders I say customise your own machine to the nth degree as it’s where you spend almost all of your time. Depriving yourself of potentially beneficial options just so that you can feel a little less uncomfortable at someone else’s machine for a fraction of your time is masochistic. And that’s assuming they don’t customise the shit out of their machine with green highlights (which I also use).

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Spent a bit of time today setting up the AY-3-8910 to interface with an Arduino Uno. Was able to hear something in a set of headphones connected to the output, but nothing distinct. Next step is to boost the signal output as it is supposed to be about 1Vp-p and Eurorack needs it to be a lot hotter!

@ianRobinson I think the dropouts are hardware dependent. I’ve got two pairs of original HomePods here and only one pair of them is problematic. Though it is also the most used pair in the house.

I should add that they’re usually pretty reliable for audio, but it’s when acting as the AppleTV default outputs that they start to act up.

None of this has deterred me at all. Current status is 4 original HomePods, and 8 HomePod minis!

@glennf I’d be happy to consult for your trip to NI! Feel free to message me direct here, or you can also find me on the Incomparable Slack (full name is in bio here).

@ianRobinson I love my HomePod pair for sheer sound quality, but they really test my patience at times. Frequent dropouts, failure to connect, even disappearing completely and needing rebooted.

That said I’m planning on getting another pair of the newer ones for another room. That’ll be the 3rd pair. I have a lot of HomePods and minis!

@vinnycoyne @jasonconnery they’re currently trying to upsell me a physical card. That I already have.

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@ianRobinson my physical copy arrived yesterday but I was out all day and home too late to start listening. And now there’s too much snow to be played with!

@jamesthomson Awesome!

I'm not saying I was lying in bed using Numbers on my phone to validate my mental arithmetic before posting last night. But I'm also not not saying it.

@sldrant @nivrig they go to a (server) farm in the countryside where they get to live out their remaining days in a lovely place where they’re taken care of and definitely not euthanised.

@jamesthomson does PCalc have a special base-7 mode in which 30 is 42 in decimal?

@nivrig @sldrant I’d still like to get outside more, but if I could make a passable income at building synth components, I’d be pretty happy!

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