@ianRobinson I do love High N Dry. I tend to think of early Def Leppard and post-H’N’D Def Leppard to be different bands.

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@TSindelar I tried this. I already live in Ireland so it didn’t work. I give this technique ★☆☆☆☆

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@amyworrall my wife recently encountered people having trouble getting into a neighbours house that is run as an AirBnB-style property. The visitors couldn’t find a key, so my wife contacted the owners, and their response was “we have a management company for that. If the guests can’t get in then we don’t care, we’ll just take the hit of a bad review.”

To owners, it’s a bad review. To guests it’s a potentially ruined vacation. Terrible imbalance!

@ianRobinson nah. I spend so much time in computers these days that I’ve started to reject plugins and DAWs. 🙂

@ianRobinson I’ve got a Hammond with a Leslie speaker. Needs a lot of maintenance work to get it sounding good again. It was extremely crackly when I got it, but hasn’t had any love in 14 years.

@nivrig @SallyMonster @selzero I’ll send it by courier… would Yodel be okay?

@acf sorry, but 15k is my limit for a glowing turntable. 🙂

@RebeccaSlatkin those are my meds! (We don’t get pharmaceutical ads in the UK so it’s weird to think that there are ads for my meds)

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is there slang for when companies try to cut costs by replacing real artists with plagiarism-laundering machines

if not, i propose: "six-finger discount"

@eternalstorms Hey Matthias! It's nice to find you over here!

My Macs had been slow picking up the update to ScreenFloat 2 and I've been really appreciating it, so I wanted to say thanks again. It's genuinely one of my essential Mac apps, and working on a Mac without it is not fun!

@acf @spins Expensive enough for used! Though I’d probably be as well searching within the UK, as it’s probably cheaper for postage within UK than within the island of Ireland!

@acf @spins been trying to get a copy of Document on vinyl but not so easy to get at the minute!

@acf @spins I fell out of love with it for a while. It was my first REM I bought after “discovering” the band, so my initial excitement by it dropped off quickly, but I’ve come to appreciate its quality so much in later years.

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