@ianRobinson I worked for a company last year that failed to pay me from March to September. It was horrific. Really feel for the Twitter staff experiencing this.

Right, I’m out. That Very British Problems account has come over from Twitter and now the “we’re so British, we love queuing and tea and being polite, please forget the colonialism, old chap” bollocks is masquerading as comedy here too.

@ThePaulMcBride I live on the north side of Slieve Croob. If I’d know you would be heading that way I’d have given a wave!

@lexfri I have to use Concur, and Workday, and TeamSeer, and I hate every single one of them. Every day. My heart sinks when I see an email asking me to approve an expense, or a leave request.

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When people travel to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small.

Few people think that they can radically change the future by doing something small in the present.

This is the only real time travel paradox.

@BeebsyMcA you want to get noise cancelling headphones. That should sort the traffic noise right out.

@chartier ah, that might explain why I get the notification when I’m splashing in waves 🙂

My biggest gripe with the noise notifications is that I get them even when I’m wearing my AirPods Max in noise cancelling mode. I use them as ear defenders while mowing the lawn and it would be nice if the watch can say “hey, he’s wearing noise cancelling headphones, he doesn’t need a warning”.

@chartier my wife recently found that the alert threshold for her was down to 80dB, whereas it was 90dB for the rest of us. Maybe your threshold has gone done with an iOS update?

Twitteratti in 2008: Twitter is an app interface playground. Everyone is trying these cool new things. So much innovation.
Twitteratti in 2022: I can’t find a Mastodon app that I like. There’s too many. They’re not mature enough. They do weird things. I just want Tweetbot for Mastodon so that everything is the same as it was before.

@ThePaulMcBride I took a couple of lessons back in 2000. Absolutely loved it, but could never justify taking it further. Maybe I’ll go back to it sometime…

@ThePaulMcBride WeBoneNI could also be about small bonfires 🔥

@MarkXA I know and it’s killing me not upgrading yet. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do the upgrade. Before now I’d been duplicating the entire installation and performing an in situ upgrade with the ability to quickly roll back. But usage has increased to the point where I don’t have the space to duplicate. So I’m considering whether to move data off to S3 or to a Digital Ocean Volume. Consider this a solicitation for advice!

@ThePaulMcBride I don’t see why not. I am trying to put together a management team so that it’s not just my whims, but as long as you’re not doing hate speech, porn, or illegal material, I can’t see why anyone could object! Or am I mixing you up with WeBoneNI? 😉

@ThePaulMcBride when will WeCodeNI be posting job listings to Mastodon? 🙂

@natural20 I’m from the north, and didn’t even have RTE until I was about 11. We never watched the Toy Show, and as a result I’ve never really gotten into it. My wife, on the other hand, only had RTÉ for most of her youth, so she loves the Toy Show, and is always trying to get the kids into it.

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If you follow Irish people, you will see many posts about the #LateLateToyShow tonight.

This is an ancient arcane Celtic ritual in which a manic spindly giant runs around interviewing children about toys. There are mystic seasonal chants and musical performances and sometimes Ed Sheeran.

We partake in traditional offerings of alcohol and sweets as the ceremony goes on, leading to increasing social media usage and merriment.

Good luck, non-Irish Mastodons of the world, for tonight we rise.

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