@nivrig I’ve not been looking too hard. Saving for a new house, and been very busy with work and stuff.

@nivrig let me know when you’re doing something with it. Even non-working.

I’d still kill for a 6128 (not plus).

@nivrig seriously? You found that in a skip? It was it a skip called eBay and you’re trying to conceal a purchase from the significant other?

@bigzaphod I tried that once. I was supposed to transition to another AD, but the withdrawal from Cymbalta was too bad and I had to just go back on it. In retrospect “You’ll feel withdrawal effects from the Duloxetine immediately, but the new ADs will take a couple of weeks to build up in your system” was never going to work for me!

@bigzaphod you ain’t getting temps like that in Ireland! You also don’t get too much below 32F in winter.

@bigzaphod the political climate in the UK is pretty poor these days, and we’ve got a lot of crap going on in Northern Ireland, but luckily for you it’s not going to make its way across the border. Very little will make its way across the border if British politics continue on their current trajectory!

@bigzaphod you would also hear it referred to as “The Free State”, as it was officially named The Irish Free State before it formally became an independent republic. We’ve got so much complicated history, but you’ll feel right at home. We had a war of independence and a civil war. They were just a bit more recent than yours! 🙂

@bigzaphod they have a bit of a housing crisis in The South (that’s what we nordies call the Republic) at the minute. Apparently there are way more properties on AirBnB for short term renting than there are long term rentals!

@bigzaphod I think it would for sure. Being from Northern Ireland and having been born before 1998, I am allowed to be a dual citizen of UK and Ireland, so it certainly makes EU wide travel a lot easier for me 🙂

City life, especially in Dublin, can be very expensive, but rural life in Ireland can be wonderful and there are a lot of rural areas that are really well provisioned for Fibre to the Premises Internet access. My parents’ house in County Donegal has the option of 1Gbps!

@bigzaphod I’m going to assume you’re talking about the Republic of Ireland as opposed to Northern Ireland (UK). I live in the UK bit, but it’s a small enough island, so if there’s anything you want to know about feel free to ask away (or DM if it’s stuff you want a bit more private).

Good luck with the exploration of possibilities!

@bigzaphod pro tip. Best not to talk about your IRAs in Ireland… 😜

@bigzaphod I imagine that the environmental cost of building a new house is pretty high too.

I think we’re getting to a point where financial cost is something we’re going to have to suck up for the environmental benefits. Which means it needs to be wealthy people leading the way, like with electric cars. If we can convince the rich to go all electric to keep up with their rich friends, then it will push the tech down to the less well off. That’s my theory anyway.

@bigzaphod I think this can be a really good approach even without modern IDEs. If you’re constantly re-running the code it will naturally veer towards being idempotent and testable.

@bigzaphod just thinking about this caused my Apple Watch to warn me that my heart rate was too high for being at rest. Or perhaps it was the strenuous gardening activity earlier. Nah, it feels Attenborough-related.

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