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I think we really missed an opportunity a couple of years ago when we didn't call NFTs “grift certificates”.

@bazscott if they’d release on Tues-Thurs, I’d collect at the store, but too much hassle driving to Belfast on a Friday 🙂

It’s out for delivery. Despite DHL still saying it will be delivered on the 25th, I got a text with approximate time today.

@shezza_t shouldn’t be. Apple are pretty good at delivering on release day. I have 3 delivery estimates from different companies. Apple say tomorrow, Syncreon, say tomorrow, and DHL say Monday. I suspect DHL’s estimate system is inaccurate. They probably think a regular delivery would be Monday, but I imagine the potential loss in letting Apple down would trump that!

It’s at the very least a declaration of war!

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DHL can feck right off with their delivery date of 25th of September. Failing to deliver a day of release iPhone on iPhone release day is like a war crime, right?

@shezza_t @intheseheels @OpinionatedGeek Emma Ballet Flats sounds like Nelson Mandela House. 🙂

@jamesthomson you’re probably right, though. I could instead have taken it to Ballycastle and taken the ferry to Campbelltown. When I’m up in Ballycastle I can see Scotland on good days.

@jamesthomson I would need to load up Dice by PCalc to determine what the status is today. 🙂

@jamesthomson i could have picked it up for you and handed it to a mule at the ferry to Stranraer.🫏

Got this email today; can’t believe the iCloud team didn’t wait and offer me the new tiers. It’s like one part of the company doesn’t talk to the other. Doomed.

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@chartier this is like Anakin’s sand rant but for wires. I love it.

@bazscott by last summer they’d expanded into the building next door. It was massive. Also I was day drinking 🙂

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