@GrantMeStrength I’m convinced that all software instinctively knows that if a word begins with those 4 letters then it will be truncated as “anal…”

@seanddotmedotuk @augieray it also took my wife at least 6 days to test negative. She had it the week before me, but I don’t think she tested early enough for proper isolation and I ended up getting infected.

@augieray @seanddotmedotuk this is my 3rd infection, and it definitely feels worse than the 2nd time, but on a par with the 1st. I’ve somehow managed to catch it in June one year, August the next, and July this year. In all honesty though, I don’t think I’ve ever fully recovered since the first one. Could just be advancing years, but I’ve never physically felt the same since.

@seanddotmedotuk @augieray I was testing positive from Monday 1st until Sunday 7th and was unwell for a while before testing positive. I’m still completely wrecked by it.

@Tapi @twostraws the Guinness brewery is just okay. You get to walk around and look at stuff, whereas Bushmills is a proper tour with really nice and knowledgeable guides 🙂

@twostraws @Tapi excellent! The place smells amazing. I actually don’t like whiskey, but the smell of the whiskey distillery is beautiful! I’ll be near there in a couple of days for my holidays; I’ll be sticking to Guinness though!

@Tapi @twostraws come to Northern Ireland and I’ll take you to the distillery tour. It’s a really good experience!

@chrisphin I remember being heartbroken the day my daughter told me she loved being in the sea with me, but that she hated not being able to see the waves coming. The day she started wearing prescription goggles and was able to completely lose herself in the fun was an amazing one.

@natural20 showing your age with “Landsdown Road stadium” 😜

@jsnell this is going to be great on my 5 hour drive to see them play next weekend!

@lexfri it’s tough to be a female mime, needing to break through that glass ceiling

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@bazscott Sorry, we do use AirBnB. What I want though is an AirBnB-like system that can charge equitable rates. The wealthy should have to pay a lot to stay in our house, the less well-off should have to pay a token amount.

@bazscott If we want to get into banning things that could never realistically be banned, for me it would be the accumulation of wealth on the backs of others by doing nothing personally. Too many people are looking for the easy win. I don't think life should be hard, but I also don't think anyone should be able to have an easy life because other peoples' lives are hard.

@bazscott you know I can't say that for sure. It’s an extremely complex system, and we can't solve housing problems on an individual basis. What I do know is that the house we bought was designed and approved by the local government to be a high spec second/holiday home. It was never intended to be affordable housing so by my wife and I buying it the only people who were deprived were landlords and people expanding their AirBnB empires.

And trust me: We agonised over this.

@bazscott I can look out the window and see a newly completed social housing development that hasn’t been fully occupied yet.

@bazscott I’m not exactly hoarding anything 🙂 After spending years paying to let other people’s houses, we bought a holiday home. It’s not a commercial property; we can and do put it on AirBnB but the primary purpose is to have our own space in our favourite place, with a view to retiring there.

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