I don’t mind getting an item from IKEA that has been returned and repackaged as new, but it’d be nice if they had checked that the returned materials included all parts. The instruction booklet was in two parts, one part folded, the parts packet arrived ripped open, and the parts were wrong (as compared to the booklet).

He has waited years for us to change the sofa so that he would eventually have his natural camouflage become effective…

Got this email today; can’t believe the iCloud team didn’t wait and offer me the new tiers. It’s like one part of the company doesn’t talk to the other. Doomed.

My wife: “I want us to watch Yellowstone”
Me: “I have one condition”

I hope the firefighters were wearing breathing apparatus, or else they’d have gotten high on the fumes.

Fixed up the Chikipower (and somehow caused an LED to stop working), but now have power attached to the breadboard with the AY-3-8910 on it. Will have to start experimenting with the AY and Arduino, as well as plan what I/O the module will have.

Just because something is difficult does not mean we shouldn’t try our hardest to succeed at it.

@bazscott There's a hidden agenda here, wherein you try to get people to stop using foo and bar so that they go straight to Baz instead. I'm onto you!

I regret to inform you Mastodon, but your cat will never be as beautiful as this cat.

No. YOU went and bought Mutable Instruments style knobs for your Rings clone.

So yeah, I bought a guitar pedal. But no, I’m not doing anything with the guitar these days. I only bought the BOSS Multi Overtone pedal because it’s called MO-2. I am that vain.

2022 is the year we bought a house in Ballycastle and get to enjoy views like this whenever we want. I really can’t complain.

It took quite a few evening and weekend sessions in between family commitments, but my first proper @synthdiy build is done. A Music Thing Modular Turing Machine. Had a setback when I had to take the front panel back off in order to calibrate, as I didn’t have a screwdriver slim or long enough to get through the hole to the trimmer. All good in the end though.

Wee bit of DIY today. Finally worked up the courage to get stuck into the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine. I was watching along with a Mylar Melodies livestream from back in March, and it was nice to feel like I was building along with him. youtu.be/aiX8HkX2bxg

Dahmer, cannibalism 

I don’t think this could be a worse advertising partnership, unless they specifically advertised Meat Feast pizzas. Might need to work on the Brand Safety there, All4.


Went to the shop for bread and milk. Had to pass the pub on the way. Got distracted.

All ready to go with the Korg SQ1 sequencer. And with some space for more later. I have a Music Thing Modular Turing Machine to be built and I think it’d be perfect in this.

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