Me: [works a month of late nights migrating 30+ sites to new servers that i said up front was a bad idea and would break things]

Work: Some minor things broke, you're shit. Also, we know you haven't moved them all yet (why so slow?) but we need you to go ahead and work with this other company to move them and all our other sites again to their servers.

Dear Masto, do I quit now or later this afternoon?

@mo I told someone else I’d like to take them up on their offer.

@mo I definitely wasn't offered a million dollars.

TBH nothing is set in stone yet - it's a startup and my joining is contingent on funding. But the decision to quit has been made and I'm going /somewhere/.

Working again tonight.

@nivrig shite, I missed this one the other day. I know what you mean about the startup/funding thing. I’ve been waiting for a year now for a place to get funding cause they “really want to work with me”. I’ve officially given up as I’ve since been promoted beyond any level they could offer me.

@mo I did a little work for them back in March and funding was “coming soon” then. It still is. And yeah, I’m starting to wonder if they can afford me if funding does show up anyway.

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