‘The PM said the UK will increase the "quality and depth" of partnerships with like-minded countries around the world and said more details will come next year, including how the UK will work with "friends in the Commonwealth, the US, the Gulf states, Israel and others".’

Israel and the Gulf states: beacons of human rights.😔🤦


You can politely remind a few choice individuals that refugees and asylum seekers aren’t the ones profiting billions from fossil fuels, driving inflation, setting interest rates, or expensing xmas parties. The people who do that are doing it right in front of us, and it’s nice and legal.

Boat people aren’t the problem. Rich people are.

twitter migration 

I reckon it's at least three weeks since I more than glanced briefly at Twitter, and at least a week since I last did even that.

Being a member of none of the groups to whom Twitter is such a hostile place, I have had a personally mostly positive experience of it. I can trace my current job and my last several to friends met there, while being fortunate to not have to rely on Twitter for ongoing employment or income.

But I think I am happier and better off ignoring it now.

adulthood means hurting your back when you relax incorrectly

A friend of someone I know is missing in Galway so passing this on, if you can boost would be appreciated 🙏🏻 #missingperson #galway

I am increasingly of the opinion that users on Mastodon who automatically mirror their Tweets here don't understand that they are flooding this space with irrelevant material (like quote tweets; like replies) referencing things devoid of context. It's not unlike someone shouting into their phone on a train: we, the other passengers, only get half the conversation, and we didn't want to listen to any of it in the first place. If we did, we'd be following it on Twitter, not here!

It irritates the hell out of me when cities go to the expense each year of killing and trucking in a giant tree to decorate, instead of planting and nurturing a living one year round.

Especially when their display is in the same spot every year. Like, hello! Dig the hole RIGHT THERE.

We watched the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special last night. It was alright, and passed some time. But that’s not the revelation of the evening.

The revelation was that, to our kids, Kevin Bacon is “the EE guy” 😱

The fetishisation of "hard work" across the political spectrum, with all parties reflexively using such thought-terminating cliches as "hard-working people" and "hard-working families" reduces people to commodities. Why should work be hard? Why should we make life harder than it has to be?

Rather than praise hard work, we should use our resources and skills to make work, and life, easier. Hard work should be seen as a problem to be solved.

#work #WorkEthic #WageSlavery #IDoNotDreamOfLabour

You'll never see Romulans posting on mastodon because they are enemies of the federation

Twitteratti in 2008: Twitter is an app interface playground. Everyone is trying these cool new things. So much innovation.
Twitteratti in 2022: I can’t find a Mastodon app that I like. There’s too many. They’re not mature enough. They do weird things. I just want Tweetbot for Mastodon so that everything is the same as it was before.

Jack White has a way with words. I just love him. He told Elon and Twitter goodbye in a way I’ve grown to expect from this creative genius.

PLEASE BOOST: Right now Mastodon is only receiving appr. $21,000/month through Patreon.

This is not enough to handle the 1 million new accounts that will be made this week.

Currently, only 4,720 patrons are donating to Mastodon.

However, if everyone chips in $2/month, this will ensure the continued survival of Mastodon!

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Elon's Any% bankruptcy speedrun 


LOL! Elon can't even get Trump to return to Twitter. Can't tell what will be a larger PR cost for Twitter, the controversy around unblocking Trump, or the controversy over Trump saying no!

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