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⚠️🇺🇦It seems there is a purposeful rewriting of Ukraine history by Western media saying “The war has only lasted 368 days, or 1 year.” Repeating this misinformation allows Russia to claim Crimea was legally annexed in 2014, and only territory after the 2022 full-scale invasion should be negotiated. Please help prevent this from happening, as 8 years of history would be erased, and illegal annexations acknowledged. Crimea is Ukraine, and its been 9 years of war / invasion not just one. #Ukraine

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@BenRiceM Hey Ben. I was listening to an older episode of The Cast of Us, and had been at the point where you, Tiff, and Brian were talking about Fear the Walking Dead; specifically about zombies floating out to sea.

This caused me to think: does the possibility of floating zombies imply the possibility of a Great Pacific Zombie Patch out there in the ocean?

TFW you do the right thing and hold off on buying a DIY kit, but then you find it's not only out of stock but looks like it’s out of the entire production run too. That'll teach me for ignoring my GAS.

Have also ordered a couple of AY-3-8910A ICs from eBay. I’ll probably do some initial prototyping with an Arduino, and then see if I can hook it into a Eurorack form factor.

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The latest purchase to avoid making actual music is the Befaco Chikipower. I have an idea I want to develop on a breadboard and a separate power supply would be a sensible idea. Now to figure out how to get the ICs that I’ll need.

Now is the awkward time between RSUs vesting, and the trading window reopening. If I could exercise today, it’d be a nice amount towards the mortgage, but there’s still 2+ weeks before I can exercise anything and of course there’s a company earnings announcement before then.

Maybe I should create a Mastodon bot account posting every code that I attempt.

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So apparently I put a lock code into my soldering iron while trying to set a temperature preset, but I have no idea what the code was.

This is why I now have a spreadsheet of all the numbers between 1 and 999 so that I can record which ones I’ve tried.

No, YOU stayed up to 1:30am when you noticed that episode 5 of was already available on NowTV.

I’m trying to make Sunday my day where I try to get some modular synth action in. I’ll try to do stuff on other days too, but that’s just a bonus. I feel like I should use a hashtag and of course I want something cutesy and clever. seems too generic, but I can’t think of anything more Modular specific.

That said, I’m really tempted to just use

I regret to inform you Mastodon, but your cat will never be as beautiful as this cat.

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Myself and other artists have worked with Guardian journalist Shanti Das to expose the way Talenthouse exploits creatives. Please share and warn others to not work with this company that is scamming hardworking people.

If anything perfectly sums up my relationship with my wife, it’s the fact that today I found a folder of papers and documents. They were from 2014-15 and in little sections for scanning, filing, shredding, etc. It was an obvious attempt to get me organised. So organised that she put my cheque book in it. A cheque book I’ve been searching for in vain since 2015.

No. YOU went and bought Mutable Instruments style knobs for your Rings clone.

What’s that sound, you ask? I suspect that is the sound of a bunch of week long trials converting to actual subscriptions for @ivory. Sounds good!

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