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Spent a bit of time today setting up the AY-3-8910 to interface with an Arduino Uno. Was able to hear something in a set of headphones connected to the output, but nothing distinct. Next step is to boost the signal output as it is supposed to be about 1Vp-p and Eurorack needs it to be a lot hotter!

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Please sign if you are a UK citizen or resident & boost if you are not.

This obsessed woman is on the point of giving up. There were only 50 new signatures yesterday, the lowest daily increase in the last 30 days.

As I write there are 92,866 signatures on the petition. The most optimistic ETA for 100,000 signatures is now Wednesday 17 May in 79 days time.

The last thing we want is the petition to *remove* LGBT content from the curriculum to be debated and our opinion not to be heard.

May I thank each & every one of the amazing people that that have boosted this message an extraordinary 3,444 times.
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Please consider signing this petition regarding trans dignity in death:

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransPetition
#transgender #NonBinary #enby #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #genderqueer #genderfluid #agender #AroAce #aromantic #bisexual #biromantic #gay #lesbian #pansexual #panromantic #polyamorous #sapphic #politics #UKPolitics #ToriesOut

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Imagine wanting appear so “tough on immigration” you call a national press conference and flood social media to boast “we’re 100% supportive of organised crime involved in human trafficking and slavery (for immigrants only obvs jk)”

How broken do you have to be?

My cat shows me that she loves me by letting me look deep into her heart. She achieves this by sticking her arsehole right up to my eyes so that all I can see are her internal organs.

Fixed up the Chikipower (and somehow caused an LED to stop working), but now have power attached to the breadboard with the AY-3-8910 on it. Will have to start experimenting with the AY and Arduino, as well as plan what I/O the module will have.

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Listening to a Burial release on vinyl is frustrating cause you’re constantly thinking you didn’t clean the record very well.

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Ok #jobfairy, chucking this out. Anyone got a job for an experienced #macOS , #iOS, #Linux (#gtk) app developer? Uk based, ideally remote (20+ years experience working remotely)

Music or video related a bonus but not essential

@gruber @marcoarment i concede that HomePod Pro Max Ultra is the obvious name for a larger HomePod, but I think “HomePod Goes to Eleven” is the ultimate top end audio product name.

Just because something is difficult does not mean we shouldn’t try our hardest to succeed at it.

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It's actually bad luck to say MacBook inside an office. You have to call it 'the Scottish Laptop'

Me in 2022: “100 Knurlies? I'm never going to need 100 of these things!”
Me in 2023: “Shit. I think I'm going to need more Knurlies!”

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I don’t understand why they called it Mario Kart when Mario Speedwagon was right there.

#nintendo #VideoGames

@bazscott There's a hidden agenda here, wherein you try to get people to stop using foo and bar so that they go straight to Baz instead. I'm onto you!

I’m becoming obsessed with ’s module names. I was immediately intrigued by the Bard Quartet, but I’m now hankering after the Harlequin’s Context, the Mod Medusa, the Time Wizard, and the Knight’s Gallop, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the release of the Banshee Reach. It’s like, are these modules or RPG characters?

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