First concert in four years, if I remember correctly. Just saw , now waiting for

⚠️ 23andMe just sent out an email trying to trick customers into accepting a TOS change that will prevent you from suing them after they literally lost your genome ro thieves.

Do what it says in the email and email that you do not agree with the new terms of service and opt out of arbitration.

If you have an account with them, do this right now.

Here’s an email template for what to write:

Please read. This is important as fuck, to me at least.

It is no news that LGBT is not doing great in russia. Since december 1st, LGBT itself is an extremist group on russian soil, and a little before that government banned trans healthcare.

All I am asking is to sign a petition that would allow for trans people from russia to get humanitarian visas to Germany. All it would take from you personally is to spend 10-15 minutes of your life, that could possibly save someone else's life.

The petition is available here:

Non-germans can sign it, I signed it as a russian citizen.

Please boost this on mastodon, that's the very least you can do if you don't have time / dont want to sign the petition.

moreover, now we know who has access to it.

when i started at twitter in 2011 one of the first trainings i attended was the security one, which said, outright "you have a target painted on your back now, you will have to be vigilant".

seemed like pretty sound advice at the time, 12 years ago

So, the redundancy train finally came for me. Let me know if you know of any interesting DevRel or DevEx roles out there. 💖

I'm looking at this train and I feel uneasy for reasons I can't exactly explain.

- How can we make job interviews more stressful?
- I know, let’s get candidates to join with MS Teams!

(I just had to help someone with that, minutes away from the start of their interview).

Does anyone happen to know if lerna-changelog is a dead project? There seems to be little progress on issues and PRs in quite some time 🤔 Several people also maintain forks with changes they want/need.

I would appreciate boosts for reach to see if we can get an answer 🙇


Fortunately macOS Preview is good enough to find the meta-attachment and I can read it. (Initially I couldn't see it because I was using the PDF preview on GMail).

Yay security.

By the way, Symantec is mentioned and their logo shown in a couple of places, leading me to believe that they received a lot of money for implementing this... "solution".

🧵 Fin.

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Anyway, let's register in their portal... ok, they just want me to create a password, nothing else. Then they send me yet another email (that's number 3) with another PDF attachment. This one is encrypted with the password I created earlier.

Ah, but the ultimate message is (as I understand it) in an attachment within the PDF. An attachment within the attachment. A meta-attachment? In order to read it, they tell me I must install Adobe Reader.

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It's 2023 and companies are still sending sensitive information via their, and I quote: "secure email systems".

This "secure email" includes a 13-page PDF on how to read it. Ultimately it's in a portal for which I have to register. The link is in page 4 of the PDF.

None of this looks like a phishing email, no siree. (Yes, it does).

There's a second email without the PDF and with a direct link to the portal. Why bother sending both?

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Anyone around who uses Playwright at scale at work?

Matz spent so much time and effort coming up with an elegant syntax for Ruby, then I go ahead and write a Ruby program in just C

My apologies

It's 2023 and I still see alt texts like, and I quote: "Woman looks out to sunset over the hills", on marketing emails about airline loyalty programs

@vmbrasseur The Rails foundation is flush with cash, and is not directing any of it back to contributors or maintainers.


So IDK why they are prioritizing a paid job board.

I moderate /r/ruby and /r/rails, and there's a bi-weekly posting asking for people to post jobs. And it's free!

Watching a mutual ask for printer recs and receive a chorus of tired tech folk going "Just get a Brother, they're fine" and man


Like this is actually kinda fascinating honestly, Brother is now the best printer brand, the one that every Computer Person recommends, and is it because their printers are good? Their printers are fine, they print, whatever, no, it's because everybody else's printers have gotten Innovated out the wazoo, every innovation making them way worse, until it's gotten to the point where I wouldn't have one in the house even if it were free, and meanwhile Brother's have remained consistently Fine I Guess, which now makes them the best printer manufacturer simply by virtue of them opting out of the Who Can Get Crappiest Fastest race

Brother have gotten to where they are now, by NOT innovating

EDIT 2023-11-27 2130 UTC: I muted this thread a while back because wew lad this got too big. I won't see your reply but the lurkers (and commentors) of Hacker News might.

Kicking Erwin Schrödinger out of my idols. Not because he chose a cat for his thought experiment, but because of one thing I learnt: he sexually abused children and kept a diary about it. 🤮 Src:

#schrodinger #quantum #physics

Quality Linux Music Production:


Instrument Plugins:
Short Circuit-XT (coming)
AVL Drums
Oi Grandad!
Odin 2

Effects Plugins:
Dragonfly Reverb Ste
Linux Studio Plugins Ste
Aether Reverb
GXPlugins Ste
Delay Architect
mda-lv2 Suite
Airwindows Plugins Ste
Chow Matrix
SG-323 Reverb


#LinuxAudio #MusicProduction #OpenSource #Linux

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