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I know I’m in a minority these days but I really just want new Macs. (And I don’t mean the iPhone Xs Max) The events are definitely a lot more filler than killer now.

My fears about the book being in bad shape were unfounded. PragProg don't have their usual forum up and running any more so they couldn't announce that there were updates, but seems like the author was on top of it, and released new chapters to the beta program last week. Now I can try 0.19 again!

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Programming Elm book from PragProg. It’s currently in beta, and while I wouldn’t say it is useless now, certainly many of the examples will be broken.

So today in side project , I decided I was going to get back to writing an Elm-based web app to wrap my Elixir-based API.

As I usually do, I updated Erlang, updated Elixir then updated . Well wasn’t that the big mistake.

Seems that Elm moves to 0.19 in late August and there were a few breaking changes. Got a lot of things working, but eventually gave up and reverted to 0.18 out of frustration and the realisation that there’s no good 0.19 examples out there yet.

announcement - there is now an @admin account on the server that will be the default follow for all new users. We'll use the @admin account to announce changes to the server, and any planned maintenance for downtime, etc.

We'll also endeavour to use the hashtag to that you can create a list just for tracking such announcements.

There might be a dancer inside this Sean Walsh guy, but it’s wrapped up in a Keith Lemon.

If Cat doesn’t say “owwwww!” every time he does a turn I’ll never vote for him

And yes, I know his name is Joe Sugg, but I’d rather name him after Emmerdale’s most classic character

This Joe Sugden numpty looks like someone has Benjamin Buttoned yer man Jeremy Irons

The “celebrity” I don’t know with the new bloke I don’t know. It’s going to be tough talking about them!

When Faye says her secret talent is “playing the spoons”, she means taking the piss out of Lee and H.

Newcomers to specifically and Mastodon in general, if you’re looking for a desktop client that isn’t the web interface, have a look at

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