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The music equipment world needs to do some work to eliminate "master/slave" terminology from its vocabulary. Primary and secondary are fine words to use.

This mini-rant was inspired by the MiniBrute 2S manual.

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My 10yo daughter and I have some great conversations going to/from school. Yesterday, we tackled “rich people”. She thought that some rich people were good. I countered that if you manage to get rich, you’re probably bad, because you likely got rich on the backs of others. She agreed and has decided that anyone who has more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives, and continues to get more money, is automatically a bad person. I am so proud of her.

So disappointed this morning to realise that the move to a subscription model for @ivory was actually just a subscription testing phase and that they didn’t actually get the money!

Eldest daughter (12yo) has some friends staying over and they’re chattering excitedly about which Coldplay albums they like the most.

Shipping notification from Signal Sounds to say that my Pamela's Pro Workout is on the way. Unreasonably excited about this!

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@mo We didn’t think to set anything like that up! One option is PayPal to or if you might like some nice wallpapers, our app or a Patreon might be of interest: Thanks for the support!

I like blue cheese and I cannot lie

Mostly because my breath stinks afterwards

So yeah, I bought a guitar pedal. But no, I’m not doing anything with the guitar these days. I only bought the BOSS Multi Overtone pedal because it’s called MO-2. I am that vain.

The death of Kurt Cobain when I was 16 was probably my first exposure to mental health issues. I saw a musical hero take his own life and I needed to know why. What I learned became the basis for dealing with my own mental health issues, and probably made the difference between me asking for health and taking my own life.

I still wish he’d stuck around, though.

I see we’re at the point where third-party Twitter clients are getting “sure can’t you just…” advice.

Basically can’t wait to buy all of the new Mastodon clients. I’ve long used Twitterrific, and I hope it comes to Mastodon in some form, but I’ll definitely buy a bunch of them to give them a proper kick of the tyres and to say thanks to the developers for taking the risk on this platform.

I’m not arrogant enough to turn this into a “they should make it easier to tell that a filter is active. This is a UX issue”. This was all me!

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Nevermind! Apparently I had a filter for media posts only on my home timeline. That’s a relief!

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And this post isn’t showing in my timeline. Though it does if I view my own posts. I also got a reply to an earlier post, but am not seeing anything in the mentions view. Might need to use Metatext or Mammoth for a while.

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Anyone else notice missing posts from their timeline? Noticed this evening that one of my own posts (made through Ivory) wasn’t visible. Had a look in Metatext and on my instance web app, and could see it in both. Then noticed other posts from my timeline that weren’t showing in Ivory either. That said, they were there if I went to the federated timeline in Ivory.

Has it always been this hard to get a Scales by Intellijel, or is it a recent shortage? Seems like nearly every Intellijel module is out of stock these days too.

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